CART for Colleges

CART Providers for Colleges

Apex CART Reporters provides on-site CART providers and remote CART providers for all of your college CART needs.

CART is a service for the deaf and hard of hearing in which a CART Provider types in realtime everything that is being spoken by a speaker such as a professor in the classroom so that the deaf and hard of hearing have access to the communication.

Our CART providers can provide CART services on a laptop that can be viewed by deaf students or can project the CART captions onto a large screen so the entire class can see what is being said.

Apex CART providers also provide remote CART services. A remote CART providers listens to the speech via a microphone worn by the speaker, receives the speech at a remote location via the internet, types the speech into words and sends the feed back to the laptop of the deaf or hard of hearing students all in realtime so that the deaf students and hard of hearing students can have access to the communication being spoken by the professor in the classroom.

The CART providers takes down speech from other students as well so if a question is asked from the professor, our CART providers will type that speech up in realtime so that deaf students can fully be aware of verbal communication around them and participate in college classes with full understanding of what is being said.

Apex CART Reporters – A Full Service Nationwide CART Agency

At Apex CART Reporters we are proud to serve many educational institutions, non-profit agencies, government agencies and companies with on-site CART services and Remote CART services.

Apex CART providers serve colleges, schools and universities. To schedule CART for education services please call us at (877)871-2654 or click here.