CART Services for the Hearing Impaired

At Apex CART Providers, we provide Real-Time Translation of the spoken word into text so persons that are deaf or hearing impaired can understand what is being said at a lecture or an event. We also transcribe the spoken speech into text which can appear on a large screen for the entire audience to benefit […]

Nationwide CART Services

Apex CART Reporters provides on-site and remote CART services nationwide. ┬áCART reporters type speech so the deaf and hearing impaired can read what is being said at live events, classrooms and courtrooms. From offices in New York, Beverly Hills and San Diego, Apex CART providers provide coast to coast CART services.  

CART for Education

On-Site CART Services

Apex CART Providers provides on-site CART Reporting Services for your educational and events needs.   Our On-Site CART Reporters are experienced and trained to transcribe live communication in real-time for the deaf, hearing impaired and the general audience so they can clearly see what is being spoken in real-time on a big screen or laptop. […]